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21991495 : 10/100 PoE Splitter
Plaats een gewone IP Camera op PoE bekabeling met deze Splitter ..
AV200 : Powerline Network Adapter - 1 x Network (RJ-45)
De Powerline AV 200 Nano Adapter Kit zorgt een hoge snelheid internet verbinding met een stopcont..
EPE-1212 : PoE injector - Injects data and power to a UTP cable to remotely power PoE devices - Maximum distance 100 metres - Specific for EnGenius wireless antennas
EnGenius PoE Injector Inject data and power into a UTP cable to power PoE devices..
INJ-POE-30W : PoE+ injector - To inject data and power on a UTP cable to power PoE + devices (up to 30W) remotely
Power injector over Ethernet up to 30 W (PoE +). Gigabit. Fast and simple solution that allo..
INJ01POE-TP : PoE injector - Model TL-POE150S - Injects data and power to a UTP cable to remotely power PoE devices - Maximum distance 100 metres - Compatible with PoE IEEE802.3af
Injector power over Ethernet (PoE). Model TL-POE150S. Fast and simple solution that allows r..
IP01-01 : IP-converter 200m (1x pcs). With an set (2x pcs) can you connect IP cameras via coax cable
Ideaal product voor de vervangingsmarkt. Van een bestaande COAX-kabel kan doormiddel van deze opl..
IP02-2 : Active IP Extender is designed to extend any TCP/IP devices for long range transmission up to 2Km over existing coaxial cable
IP02-2 IP extender is ontworpen om elk TCP/IP apparaat te verlengen voor transport over grote afs..
IP05-2 : 15W POE Kit for DC5V/DC12V IP Camera  ( POE Injector + POE Splitter)
This IP05 POE kit is a cost-effective solution to send data and power over original Ethernet netw..
POE-EXT : POE extender - Increase the PoE range - IEE 802.3 af/at - Output power 15,4W - 10/100Mbps ports
POE extender Allows you to extend the range of POE power IEE 802.3 af / at ..
POE-SPLIT-25W : PoE Splitter, Voor niet-PoE IP-camera's, Input RJ45 (PoE), RJ45 + jack output, Max power 25W / 12V DC, PoE IEEE802.3af / PoE IEEE802.3at
PoE Splitter specially designed for IP cameras. It allows power and connect an IP camera to ..
VDL4000 : IP over coax transmission up to 800 meters away and sends power to the cameras through a coaxial cable
Current IP camera security system installation uses standard Cat-6 as the link cable, transmiting..
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