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IP01H: 5 port Ethernet Switch Kit (over coax,BNC interface)  (power adapter included)
IP01H 4 port Ethernet Switch is special design and built in 4 pieces IP01 (IP extender over coax)..
IP01K: 4 port IP cameras over coax 200M (4 x IP01+ 1x IP01H 5 port Ethernet Switch Kit)
IP01 is a low cost and easy, speedy solution to allow you use existing coax cable to send IP came..
SP006P : PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Overspannings beveiliging - 1pcs
Ontworpen om Power-over-Ethernet (POE), data / communicatie lijnen in lokale en wide area net..
SP006P-K: POE (Power Over Ethernet) Surge Protector   2pcs/1set (Mid & End Span Supported)
SP006P designed to protect Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) data/communication lines in local and wide a..
TTA111V : 1.5KM UTP Video Active Transceivers :  TTA111VT Active TX +TTA111VR Active RX
The TTA111V Video Transmitter and Receiver kit is an Active (12Vdc powered) pair of matched devic..
TTA111VH: Active Receiver, extra interference rejection, color gain, surge protection (power adapter included)
Built in a highly balanced mode of video transmission for extra interference immunity. ..
TTA111VR : Video Transceiver  - Active Receiver     (power adapter included)
The Camsec Model CAM-TTA111VR Video Receiver is an Active (12Vdc powered) device that allows tran..
TTA111VT : Video Transceiver  - Active Transmitter     (power adapter included)
The Camsec Model CAM-TTA111VT Video Transceiver is a active (amplified) device that allows transm..
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