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CAM-111VEL: Mini Video Transceiver with Pigtail
BNC male to screw terminal with 10cm mini coax cable for easy connection. Compact and m..
CAM-TTA111V-2 : Video Transceivers : CAM-TTA111VT+CAM-TTA111VR (power adapter included)
The Camsec CAM-TTA111V Video Transmitter and Receiver kit is an Active (12Vdc powered) pair of ma..
CAM-TTA111VR : 1 channel active video receiver (power adapter included)
The Camsec Model CAM-TTA111VR Video Receiver is an Active (12Vdc powered) device that allows tran..
CAM-TTA111VT : 1 Channel Active Video Transmitter (power adapter included)
The Camsec Model CAM-TTA111VT Video Transceiver is a active (amplified) device that allows transm..
CAM-TTP111VGA : Passive VGA CAT5 Extender
VGA connector naar afscherming RJ45 female*2sts. Passief, geen voeding nodig...
CAM-TTP111VL : 1 Channel Passive Video Transceiver with 25 cm mini coax
The Camsec Model CAM-TTP111VL Video Transceiver is a passive (non-amplified) device that allows t..
CAM-TTP111VP3K : Video en Spanning over UTP 300M (CAM-TTP111VP3+CAM-TTP111VP3J) - 2pcs/1set
Transmissie afstand max. 300 meter BNC voor video, stroomdraad voor spanning, RJ45 female uitga..
CAM-TTP111VPD-RJ45: Video,Power,Data Transceiver ( RJ45 connection)
Smart twisted pair transmission products are designed for CCTV signal transmission over unshi..
CAM-TTP111VTS : Video Transceiver met ingebouwde overspanningsbeveiliging
BNC male naar 2 pin terminal Block Video Ingang (BNC Connector) 1V p-p, 75 Ohms P..
KB-UM-104: Compact formaat multimedia toetsenbord met 111 toetsen - USB
PRECISION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Multimedia toetsenbord Gewoon eenvoudig comfortabel ..
PFA111 : X-Security - Adapting screw - For speed domes - Aluminium alloy - 49 (He) x 60 (√ė) mm - 250 g
X-Security Thread adapter for motorised domos Aluminium alloy 49..
TTA111AV-2: Long Range Twisted Pair Transmission System - Active Series - set (TTA111AVT + TTA111AVR)
Transmit a full motion color or monochrome video signal and data signal ( RS485), audio, colo..
VTK-S2111-IPW : IP Video Intercom Kit with WiFi, Includes plate, monitor, Protection IP65, Mifare card reader, Mobile App with P2P, Surface mounting
Branded Intercom Kit IP Interface Integrated WiFi and monitor Can be ..
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