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OUTL-VMS4 : Audio (Stereo L/R) & Video 4-In, 2-Out Selector
4 Input and 2 Output selector. Perfect in combination with the CogniVideo to allow easy use of DV..
AV-CONVERTER : VGA to AV, S-Video and VGA - Multiple resolutions up to 1280x1024 (maximum) - Brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and tone adjustment - OSD Menu
VGA to AV video adapter VGA input with VGA loop output AV Outputs: SVIDEO or CVBS..
CAM-H01S : Webserver
Met deze webserver kunt u van een analoge camera een IP camera maken. De camera heeft d..
CD404-2 : 4 Input 4 Output Video  Amplifier
Wide bandwidth, video gain compensation amplification. HF compensation. 1..
CD408-2 : 4 Input 8 Output Video Distributor
CD408 is video distributors with one or multi video input to multi output. It is suitable for far..
CE750 : KVM extender VGA, USB, Audio, RS232
De CE750 is een KVM-extender voor een USB-console met automatische signaalcompensatie en seriële ..
DSC-HDMI-VGA-001 : HDMI naar VGA Converter
Digitale HDMI ingang en VGA en 3,5 mm audio uitgang Geschikt voor HDMI versie 1.3 ..
HDMI-KVM-SW-4K: HDMI KVM Switch - Up to 4 4K inputs - 1 HDMI 4K output - Touch keypad - USB type B connection to recorders - Control with a single keyboard and mouse
HDMI KVM Switch 4 HDMI 4K inputs (3840x2160 @ 30Hz) and 4 USB type B 1 HDMI outpu..
PFT2690 : HD video distributor, 16 inputs, 32 outputs, For each input it can replicate in 2 outputs without loss, Compatible with HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD, CVBS, Power supply AC 220 V, Rack format 19"
HD Video Distributor 16 BNC inputs 32 outputs BNC For an input it allows to..
QD400 : Square generator, 4 channels, Colour, Real time, Remote control, Image Zoom and Freeze
Quadrant generator kleur real time. Verdeel je monitor in 4 sectie's om de 4 aangeslote..
TP2105 : HDCVI signal adapter, HDCVI BNC input, HDCVI BNC y Analogue CVBS outputs, HDMI and VGA outputs, Port RS485 for PTZ control, Lossless transmission
Adapter of HDCVI video signals to HDCVI, HDMI, VGA and CVBS (analog). X-Security. It allows ..
TP2600 : HD video distributor, 1 inputs, 3 outputs, For an input to be replicated in 3 outputs lossless, Compatible with HDCVI, Power supply DC 12 V
HD Video Distributor 1 inputs / 3 outputs For an input it allows to replicate it ..
TTP111A : Audio Ground Loop Isolator
Twisted pair audio ground loop isolator RCA female to 2 pin screw terminal 20Hz t..
UE03 : USB 2.0 Fast CAT5 Extender with 4 Port USB Hub –60M
Extend four USB devices up to 70 meters over CAT6 cable. Supports USB 2.0 high-s..
VD0412 : Video distributor, 4 input channels, 12 output channels, Each input associated with 3 outputs, Power supply AC 220 V, Economical and easy to use
Video distributor 4 inputs and 12 outputs. It has 4 BNC video inputs, and associated with ea..
VD0824 : Video distributor, 8 input channels, 24 output channels, Each input associated with 3 outputs, Power supply AC 220 V, Economical and easy to use
Video distributor with 8 inputs and 24 outputs. It has 8 BNC video inputs, and associated wi..
VDS2100 : Video Modem System (1x Video, 1x Audio and 1x Voeding over 1 Coax)
The VDS transmission system transmits realtime video, audio signal and feeds DC power to CCD came..
VDS2500 : Video Modem Systeem (2x Video, 2x alarm, 1x voeding over 1 Coax)
Efficiente Transmissie voor twee Video's, Twee Alarm signalen en een veilige DC voeding. Dit vide..
VDS2700 : Video modem systeem (video, audio, alarm, RS485 data en voeding over 1 coax)
De VDS2700 serie is een transmissie systeem om video, audio, RS-485, data, alarm signalen, en cam..
VDS2730 : Video modem systeem (Video, RS485 data en voeding over 1 coax)
De VDS2730 serie is een transmissie systeem om video, RS-485 data en camera DC spanning via een c..
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